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+ miso soup and milk... I should give it a try one of these days, or probably not...
+ reflection is one of the properties of light!
+ bondage again, I mean… hmmm :/
+ Yamatube... censorhips… random interviews… lol…

oh, that little background music from the trailer, it’s so great to listen to… one more reason to look forward the OST.

@ Kaoru Choujo

Thanks for the translations…

Yamakan is so bold/daring to include such a “random,” yet slightly sarcastic comment in the anime. I wonder if he still holds some kind of resentment/frustration for the whole situation in Lucky Star, which resulted in his exit through the backdoor. He didn’t really deserve such kind of treatment, if you consider all his great contributions--especially in SHnY, to make the said show popular.
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