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Originally Posted by Lathdrinor View Post
Sorry to hear that. Do you think you get it even worse (than other "non-Japanese") because you're mixed? I have heard of discrimination against "mixed bloods" in South Korea; unfortunately it seems that the fascist concept of racial purity still lingers in many places of the world.
I get your point. Still, Japanese don't have such a big problem with people of Japanese + Western blood, they have a HUGE problem with Japanese + other parts of East Asia. If you fall in that group, you're unlikely to learn much Japanese due to family background anyways, so unless you have good English, you're unlikely to get a job in Japan. Of course, I can speak better English than most Japanese.

Interesting, but not surprising. Education plays a large role in shaping a person's worldview, and nations have a habit of twisting history for their own narrative ends.
Yep. That's one thing about Japan's education system that's screwed up.

Oh, and what's with Japanese and curry? They can't take much spice (they use VERY little wasabi, unlike in places like Singapore, where the wasabi runs out really fast) but they still love curry... any ideas why?
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