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Originally Posted by Larthak View Post
Seriously, this just keeps happening all the time.
It also happens because lately I don't have so much time to monitor these threads, being an exams period.
Sometimes then I see a bump which already got a detailed reply with explanation (such as Marina's or Evil Rick's), and at that point I'd feel sorry to delete either the bump and the reply, so I leave them both.

Anyway, something I'm not particularly liking either is the off topicness. Not just referred to the recent posts, but in general. This is a request thread, isn't it? So in theory we should have these kind of posts:

1) The request
2) (optional) a maker saying: "I'm taking this request", to avoid 2 makers on the same sign.
3) The request fulfillment
4) The thank you post of the person who got his sign done.

All the rest shouldn't exist.
Instead I see a lot of off-topic comments, such as "that sign is wonderful", or "what series is that pic from", or "what programs did you use to make those" etc. , the regulars sure know what I mean.
Doing this though, clutters up the thread as a result. So - example - if the request is in post 42, it's fulfillment should come around post 46-47 in a clean thread (considering other requests that may come in the meanwhile). With the off-topicness instead the fulfillment could come even ten post later. Cumulation of such situations creates a bit of disorder, making it difficult for both makers and requesters who wants to orientate. This then leads to another reason of the bumpings: "my request got buried".

Less posts = easier to keep track of posts, for everyone's sake.

So please, can we try to shoot the off topic down? You can't say that in Fan Creations there isn't a liberty of speech, see each artist's own thread. But in these "technical" thread such as this one, the avatar thread, the tutorials' thread... things should be kept to their essence.
In my last exam I had 300 pages to study, but the exam was made by two questions on a normal A4 paper. Time for answering: no more than 30 minutes, and no more than 15 lines for answer. After the exam my teacher said: "in life, being concise and concrete is essential".

It's been a choice of me instead to let slide the sig request from series with their own subforum. I've realized, at least in the subforums I moderated/am moderating, that the sigmaking activity is quite low in there (only the huge franchises are an exception), hence I'm for allowing such requests in here.
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