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Spoiler for chiru:
For your question:
Spoiler for EP6:

Well, let's forget about Kanon here since this is Beato's thread

Not many people like the overload of romance (I do though). But at least my BxB ship didn't sink so I'm happy for now
However I can't imagine the end since Beatrice is probably one of the people on the island. For now Shannon is the one with highest chance but if that's true then all the canon couples are ruined And I think I saw a nice MAD with Jessica as Beatrice/the culprit but that would even make it incest
Is that too much to hope for a happy ending with Beato alive?

@DannaXL: You must be from VNS as well to know me, though I have no idea who you are (sorry )
Well, I'm not good with english either but we better not make the mod angry
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