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Originally Posted by itanshi1 View Post
Winning makes them a sue? everything is a sue then, weirdo

Its refreshing when an enemy is actually badass, you forget what series this is
If my issue with the Hucks was that they were winning I'd still be whining about the Wolkenritter beating Nanoha and Fate back in A's. Winning with powers that completely break the setting is what makes them a sue. The enemy is only badass because they can shrug off everything the good guys can throw at them and instantly regenerate from everything that actually does damage.

It's like Aizen walked on stage and started curbstomping every good guy in sight.

Were you also one to complain that Jail was too weak of a villain?
I don't believe I ever said that, no. If I did then I take it back.

If Jail was weak it was because he and the Numbers didn't get good enough fight scenes and so didn't really get to strut their stuff like, say, the Wolkenritter did (I'm still waiting for Cinque to get a fight scene to herself that doesn't involve Subaru more or less curbstomping her).

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