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Originally Posted by Polarem View Post
Info from Aksys forums about info from NeoGAF forums:

So it's not just a stick-on-extra-content remake, but a partial rewrite. I'm now looking forward to it even more, yet hoping that they don't go overboard!

I hope they didn't remove kick-the-can completely. I've heard many people say that it's too drawn out (which I somewhat agree with), but
Spoiler for kick-the-can details:
Holy s***.

Now I'm even more pumped than ever! This has only increased my desire for this to get a localization!

Wonder what they're going to cut out. Chicken sandwiches, maybe? (Unlike everyone else, I didn't have any problem with those scenes.) On that note, what will be revised?

Still no word on those new scenarios. Well, whatever. Maybe they're spoilers or something.

Hmm, re-recorded, huh? Why do I get the feeling that this time around, Takeshi's going to sound exactly like Keiichi (I mean moreso than last time)? Either way, I hope they all sound the same and possibly voice it even better than last time! (I hope Coco isn't as high-pitched this time.)

Saving up for that LE now. I hope it comes with another booklet like the PSP versions.

I agree though, I hope they don't get too carried away.

Spoiler for Kick the Can:
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