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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
It's cyclical. Madara, after acquiring the EMS, decides to combat Senjuu at the VotE. Madara loses and dies, but Izuna, Madara's brother, retakes the eyes, and vows vengeance on the nation and world that destroyed his brother (ala Sasuke (it always has to tie back in to Sasuke and Naruto)), or something to that effect...
I'm not completely dismissing your theorie, however would it not be more plausible that Izuna used madara for this experiment he mentions x chapters ago.

Thus Izuna wanted his brother to fight the 1st hokage for some experiment. Madara either agreed with it (felt guilty about taking out the eyes of his brother) or was fooled into it (Izuna being tobi makes him a good manipulator).

My guess as to what the experiment could be is that he tried to have the rinnegan (or other sage of the six paths like power) to activate during that battle, but shit hit the fan and everything went wrong.
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