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It seems a waste of this thread for people to simply post links to pictures on the websites where these figures are sold. Anyone can find those with google. To get things back to being a bit more interesting, here are two more sets that my friend NineSenshi just acquired.

First, Fullmetal Alchemist:

These are really nice. It's not surpising that they put the most work into Ed and Al, but many of the others look great also, though I think that they could have done better with Winly.

Now something a trifle more amusing. If you look closely at this set you might notice that two of them were seen on a recent fansubbed episode. Here is C-Model's Ace Heroine collection:

He didn't collect the entire set, but the ones he did collect (including the secret figure) are quite nice.
Spoiler for where you might have noticed two of these models:

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