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Heh, I thought when you meant "recent fansubbed episode" you meant Natsumi and Keroro from Keroro Gunsou... Since when was Keroro an Ace Heroine? Hmph...

The models from the 2nd set look quite a bit better than the first one, to me they seem more "finished" and have sharper edges and somewhat better poses...

I especially like the pink hair of whoever that is (is she from DearS?), Keroro and Natusmi's gun.

As for the FMA set Armstrong has an odd expression on his face, IMO - he looks somewhat thoughtful and reflective and the pose doesn't really fit... What's that weird thing coming out of Ed's hadn, though? Well, I really like his face and hair... but IMO the worst of those is the Roy one, at least from this angle his head looks horribly wrong. T_T How could they do that to Roy..
Thanks for the fish
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