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Originally Posted by Midonin View Post
The mutual chest-rubbing scene between Arisa and Gin was... quite a thing. For a show that has minimal (visual) fanservice, it does everything in its power to make itself dirty. The extended flashback detailing Akiko and Ana's meeting was interesting, and gave some background on how everybody ended up joining the student council.
But that final segment. Wow. It was just a dream sequence, but showing everyone in the house with babies, even Arisa, and implying such a future...
Arisa's chest being groped hmm... Wait! can they really broadcast a 13 yr old being groped????

Anna rides Akito with a mini skirt and no pantsu on, he feels something different than expected, he actually receives zero excitement from that!.... WTF IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY!?!?!? At least Anna was humping his head and got some pleasure from it.

The first half of the episode was really fun with all the crazy stuff going on, then it went really far downhill with an out of place flashback which was pretty darn boring. It's episode 11 and now we're getting the story on how they met?? Seriously??

So Akito has a baby with his imouto, a girl he thought was a boy, a rapist woman, the editor for who knows what reason, and Anna which is fine. But Arisa having a baby while still a loli... hmm... Akito probably has a better harem than Yuuki Rito.
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