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Originally Posted by Deus ex Digital Boy View Post
why you need DVDs so badly? If you absoluely need to watch on your TV, get an S-video cable for great justice.
More or less I need the DVDs to backup the anime files. I could watch them on a TV anytime I want, but in the case that my hard drive disks break down, I can just rip the files out of my DVDs to bring them back.

I do this with all my files, actually. Video files on DVD, documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on a 4.0 GB USB. It's a safety mechanism on my part. Any other files that for some reason I don't back up, I usually consider not important.

Actually, the problem I prepared for happened recently. A week after burning Kanon into a DVD, something went amiss with the hard drive, and as a result, all of the family files for the past seven years just flatout disappeared. Though my mom and my brother were pissed when most of their files were lost (pictures from the last seven years), they were probably more pissed that I was the only one NOT affected by the loss. (In fact, I actually benefited from the loss since Dad installed a hard drive with 300 GB of more memory.) But oh, well. Took me only an hour to put my stuff back together.
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