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Toyosaki Aki
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O.o Good luck finishing your list...!

That said, are you taking on any new series recommendations, or just the order? XP

I recommend you watch Lucky Star sooner after Haruhi, those 2 are some of the finest comedies recently. Plus, Lucky Star draws pretty frequently on Haruhi for humor, highly recommended. Also, Hayate no Gotoku (Hayate the Combat Butler, even though its kinda an inaccurate translation IMO), should probably be moved up. If you liked Zero no Tsukaima, think of this series as a better version. You get the same awesome tsundere female main with the same seiyuu (Kugimiya Rie is the queen of tsundere lolis with Shana+Louise+Nagi) and roughly the same attitude, but better humor

Evangelion should definitely be moved up as well. The art and animation suffers after 12 years and it's going to be hard finding subbed torrents with enough seeds, but trust me its worth it. If it wasn't for this series, I frankly wouldn't be here today.

With so many series, especially epics like Jyuuni Kokuki (45 eps) and FMP! (49 eps), it might be a good idea to watch the (IMHO superior) Air movie instead. It was better animated, more visually appealing, and better directed. Doesn't really feature any of the side characters, but they just convolute the plot.

If you ever feel like some drama/romance to clear your palette of all this Shounen, I recommend Sola (13 eps), Iriya no Sora (6 eps, source of avatar/sig), and Hanbun Tsuki ga Noboru Sora (6 eps). Marathon the last 2 and I guarantee you cry.

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