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Originally Posted by tripperazn View Post
With so many series, especially epics like Jyuuni Kokuki (45 eps) and FMP! (49 eps), it might be a good idea to watch the (IMHO superior) Air movie instead. It was better animated, more visually appealing, and better directed. Doesn't really feature any of the side characters, but they just convolute the plot..
Wait...better animated than KyoAni? That doesn't even sound plausible. And the movie isn't nearly as unique either....

At Shana-dude: I was thinking of watching Karas too. Both DVDs are pretty cheap (buy them together w/ box for 25) so I thought of buying them yesterday. Either way, I've heard a lot of good things about it.

EDIT @ tripperz: XD you listed 3 shows in a row all with 'SoRa' in the title XD
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