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Originally Posted by Deus ex Digital Boy View Post
MAJOR MAJOR MAJOR boost back to Cowboy Bebop, but by all means, cut off all the rest cuz they kinda suk. BTW, when are you gunna actually start watching all this stuff?
Cowboy Bebop is indeed a good show, but that doesn't mean the others are suck. Gundam Seed is one of the best mecha show, Major for me is one of the best sport anime. I cry more in Major (1st season) than when watching Iriya no Sora and HanTsuki combined... and cry not only because of the heartbreaking moments, but also the heartwarming moments too. For me, I certainly would put Major ahead of Cowboy Bebop because Major is simply the more exciting and engaging show. But that's just me of course

Now, I get the feeling that you will like Ghost Hunt, and maybe you will like Nodame Cantabile.

Anyways, try a couple of episodes of these animes then judge it by yourself.
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