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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
In any case, there will be people that won't be happy with either decision.
If you pick the partial patch pattern, you will certainly have some debate over "which girl first", though waiting for the full translation can also push the patience of some people.

In the end, it would be vastly better to see how your translator(s) feel about that matter.
That's certainly how I feel about it myself, when I first suggested the idea of releasing partial patches for every individual route in the game, other members of our team were dubious seeing as no matter in what order we release the patches, there would those disagreeing with our decision. But I still think that it's a worthwhile idea, or at least a subject to consideration. The reason is simple, releasing partial patches in this fashion would allow to attract more attention to the project, which is beneficial to rousing the enthusiasm of the staffers (that's what I believe at least).

Anyway, thanks for your opinion, it'd be great if someone else shared their opinion on the matter as well, it's plenty important, albeit not urgent.
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