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Yes, the partial patch pattern is also a good opportunity to gauge the follow points:
-weaknesses in the translation: such like overadaptation, overuse of japanese terms, overly simple/complex writing etc
-beckoning more people, hoping it will allow the project to blossom
-evaluate the ETA and the possible manpower/deadline required for X or Y tasks.

As a personal experience, as either a translation project leader and reader of translated games, I think it would never be an issue to start with a partial patch, provided you know what you are doing (so taking an interesting part without ending it on a cliffhanger etc).
From this point, you can get your own pace and the possible broad view for the future releases.

But like I said, it is seriously better to base your pace and schedule with the translators.
Well, anyway, good luck, you certainly picked a VN that worth to be translated.
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