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Hmm, that's a tough question. I personally have a lot of patience with these things, even though I like to know how far people have gotten with such things (I'm one of the people who didn't touch the leaked Unlimited Blade Works patch and instead waited on the official one) so I am willing to wait for the full deal. However, I won't deny that 'the faster I can play, the better' also is an attractive idea.

Is it possible to release the patches in days, rather then routes? Like, translation of days X through Y. This would avoid the 'which route comes first' debate, and would give a nice cliffhanger while still leaving stuff for people to play with after they finished the translated part of their favorite route. If you translate only one characters route, they can't go outside of that characters route (at least for the initial patch) so when they finish, there is little to explore. If a few days of the game are translated, people can sniff out other routes while waiting for the next patch.

Incidentally, should you decide on a route translation, my vote goes to Rin's route.
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