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Originally Posted by Klashikari View Post
But like I said, it is seriously better to base your pace and schedule with the translators.
Well, anyway, good luck, you certainly picked a VN that worth to be translated.
Thanks a lot for the words of encouragement! I fully agree with all points that you made there, so we'll take them into consideration.

Is it possible to release the patches in days, rather then routes?
I'm afraid that'd be impossible, since the game is made in such way that you have to go through the first 15 days in the game first, and only then the game branches, and pretty much at the same spot for every route. So those 15 days is something we refer to as 'common route', and we're hoping to finish translating it soon (it's longer than 20k lines, so it's not as easy as some of you may think)

you could do like what the Wanko to Kurasou team did, in mirrormoon forum is everything!
You mean like making polls and asking for public opinion on which route should get translated first? Well, that might be a good idea, but how would someone who hasn't played the game know which route is better, or even which route they would personally enjoy more than others?
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