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Originally Posted by Nina.Wolken View Post
Actually no... and that's strange. Either fans didn't dare eat Fate or all of them are dead by now :OMG I'm gonna eat Feito-chan! I'm gonna eat F-*heart attack*
I think that's exactly why my mate doesn't wanna eat Fate. Death by heart attack and she needs to live to watch Nana concerts. 8)!

Or I could pay her to eat Fate, ufufu.
Originally Posted by itanshi1 View Post
The game is too simple. Beam spam is an understatement. At least evil nanoha can dust you with the same tactics you dusted everyone else.
Reinforce is still scary.... Or maybe I shouldn't have played my first Story Mode with Vita, lol. But ah, the way she acts is so cute~ We should make a PSP game thread for the love of this alternate universe~

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