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Lightbulb New section forum: Tranlation


I'm was thinking... it would be great if there were a forum where we could post messages about the meaning of some expressions or word (in english) that we found out wathing the animes.

I'm a brazilian, but I prefer download animes with english subtitle, so this way I can pratice my english a little more

For example, in Shingetsutan Tsukihime it had a line:

"Siel-sempai do you cosplay or something like that?"

I don't know what 'cosplay' means, my dictionary doesn't have this word, and I just don't know what it means

There are a lot of other doubts, and since I could not understand, there were others who didn't too.

So, how about creating a 'translation' section in the forum, where we can post this kind of questions?

Eduardo de Santana.
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