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Originally Posted by KholdStare View Post
They will never be backed up, as many of the claims I see about ISML are.

It's somewhat understandable, of course. From a random person's point of view, we do not have captcha, registration, or any hint of stopping the multivoters. So what should we do? If we give proof that we do have ways stop them, then that would just be telling them how to bypass us next time, which is why we keep things a secret. But yes, people do try to cheat, and lots of them.
Considering I saw the system block a vote right in front of me (and as a computer scientist) I'll have to say that it's working pretty damn well at preventing multiple votes. Keep up the good work guys

The block was simple: I voted on my home pc and my sister tried to vote on her. She got blocked since we're on the same network connection (hence ip address).
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