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Originally Posted by broken270 View Post
Will the new Rozen Maiden anime revive the RM faction that once wrecked havoc in ISML? I think the answer might be no, but what is your intake? Also, how successful do you believe the Sailor scouts will be here? They should be quite popular in an international sense, but how many of them will be/are ISML voters?
RM faction do have a history of success thus is always a group of great interest and concern in Moe Tournaments. If the new anime is above average in most aspects, I do believe Rozen Maiden faction will rise up and try to capture ISML crown. Still, they might have soured from their previous failure in 2009 playoffs and might not return. As for Sailor Scouts, it is opposite story as they seldom had success in any moe tournaments. The source material has much inherent limitations, the limitations which had prevented them from achieving moe tournament success in the past, thus only drastic changes, which may anger the original series fans the new series hopes to recapture, may change the mindset of moe tournament voters to be more favorable towards them. In short, Sailor Scouts are very unlikely to do well in ISML.
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