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Okay, All encodes, but we can go h.264 specific are high-filesized because they meet or above the limit. Explaining: Encoders and the group in general each have a set point of quality for said content to be acceptable and overall respectable. The Encoder uses this in consideration and encodes as he/she sees neccessary to meet or be above this standard be it the filesize of 110mb, 140mb, 170mb, 175mb, 180mb, 225mb, 233mb anything. It is encoded high because Encoder and Group in question believe that size is good to meet their standard on a respectable encode and thus why it's used.
Other encoders watching other fansubs notice the filesize and quality if it meets their standard. And if they see as such is at that or above standard they may further use it in the future. Not saying they are copying but they are comparing and contrasting what meets that of a good encode. And if they see it as such they may use it as such.
So in theory encoding at high filesizes with high filesizes or low filesizes can be seen as either a trend or what's at an agreeance to be good.
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