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how hard is it to encode with constant quants?

all you 'quality' people are stabbing yourself by chaining yourself to all these so called 'pre-established-arbituary-sizes-so-that-it's-easier-for-CD-storage'

now come on, if you like your quality, give the all around constant quality treatment across all episodes

high motion episodes, more bits per frame, higher file sizes
low motion episodes, less bits per frame, lower file sizes
brighter episodes, more bits
darker episodes, less bits

Wannabe Fansubs did that on their school rumble season 2

now why can't you 'quality' people who so called don't wanna bleed you own eyes with crappy encodes with low file sizes do the same as them and give all the bits the episode deserves?

if you are encoding the same episodes from the same serie at the same resolution all across then obviously resolution is not a factor in the difference on compressibility

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You can't really stop that naka (and i can tell your a ( it rhymes with Screecher) )
do you really need to add in personal attacks in your posts?
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