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Originally Posted by Farix View Post
Remember, the reasons that the average XviD's filesize was established at ~170MB was a compromise between quality and manageable filesize.
There was another reason:
4x 170 < 700
26 x 170 < 4.43gb
All these sizes are near multiples of 700 or 4.4 gb for a reason.

Originally Posted by Gunboat Diplomat View Post
We don't "do it" because we can do so much better with h.264. Really, I don't understand why RMVB is so popular in some circles. They could increase the image quality whlie maintaining those diminutive file sizes simply by switching to h.264.
h.264 cannot obtain the quality that rmvb can at low bitrates. RMVB looks far superior at those file sizes. (<100mb).

Also, in general, despite what some posters seem to think, there is no corrolation between increased size and increased quality.
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