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Originally Posted by Harukalover View Post
XviD is more for those who fear change or can't play H264. I aim for same size that they are used to with XviD (175MB).
Or.. It's cuz they dont know about other "decoders" or actually know about "were" to download theys, and how to install, set etc.

Both the XviD codec, and the AVI container are all but old. If people dont accept the new codecs or new *cough* new mkv *cough* not so really new *cough* I'd say OGMv2 *cough*, they will stay and fall behind. Then after that will those: Help me, I cant play your releases. I use vlc or wmp, \(".")/
What is mp4? Isn't that like an mp3 file, an "music" file you know?

As far as I can say, there's about just as you can watch how many leechers there are at any torrent. 30 "users" download's h.264's in mkv's, hopefully... and 300 users download XviD's in AVI's.
So the majority stil uses XviD which is sad but true.

We've come far with the Interweb. Both with speed and security (n-not!)
So As i've seen there still many people in the west that uses DSL/ADSL or modem, 56k whatever...Theys are those that normally downloads XviD releases cuz of the small file size i guess. Then we have those new but also old groups which releases XviD versions of about 233mb.

150-179mb vs 233mb? +50 wont get you at that awsome bitrate/quality but the quality itself at all, will improve(say better color). But then again keeping the "audio" part at what is it...128 kbps? 160-192 or more if used by the mp3 should have been an standard alraady for those XviD releases 128 vs 160? the sizes arent that far from eachother but you can hear the difference trust me.
192 kbps for an say 24min long episode should be around 30-34mb -> 160kbps, 24-28mb and 128kbps..dont even wanna know. May be an hack, say mono to stereo or similar, just keep the size of the file small enough.

170mb at 128kbps is still an standard. And as long as it's "watchable" people will of course watch n d/l to. As long if they arent any high ress/quality freaks, like me.

Played Sumomomo momomo last night at 1280x720, 3000 br, size was about 500mb~. /me got an amd..2200/3200+ (fairly an 2.0ghz i'd say?) or how you count it. GF4, 1024mb RAM. No problem playing it at all infact I'm actually amazed that it is playable.
Now I'm waiting for my x64, 3.2...

Again some people cant even watch "movies" with 60 or 120fps (119..) get a better decoder I say?

Originally Posted by Gunboat Diplomat View Post
CoreAVC is an advanced multi-threaded h.264 codec which is not freely available...
Unless you like to "download" illegal stuff.

Then we have those nuts, which think that they can be updated with the weekly aired series. Ha..ha..say those naruto fans (no offence) Now I'm taking the old air time, Aired around 3.00pm? AonE & ANBU could bring it out around 9.00-12.00pm, which is about 99% true if i remember it correctly. some episodes laters...Ooooo lisenced (*o*)..ANBU dies..AonE stil ther but slow...oh look A-H (Anime-Heaven?) sorry i missed the old name, but anyways dattebayo comes up with there speedy yet lq versions, about 1.00am-3.00am stil same timezone*... So no!, fansub watchers you ar not updated you almost 1 day late and why brag that you saw the bla bla before anyone els? there is something that we or some define as raw's (which means no subs and usually alot better quality/ress, if dont look at were saiyaman got their old caps "for example". Caps often comes out.. yes! even like 1 hour after the air time or usually 2-5hours after. Shuffle fans.. I saw the last episode about 2-3weeks before you! Same with D.C.S.S (Da Capo.Second.Story) came out by Shinsen like 2months after the last ep had been sad for those fansub watchers. Altho i dont feel like bragging that saw it before you.

Most encoders use's vrf and vbr why?
Originally Posted by bayoab View Post
There was another reason:
4x 170 < 700
26 x 170 < 4.43gb
All these sizes are near multiples of 700 or 4.4 gb for a reason.
So true. 1 out of 10000 ppl plays there stuff from an pc to their "external" screen cuz perhaps that screen/monitor have better contrast etc. Other uses their dvd players/xbox's or other gizmos to watch theys. But ofcourse the majoity still watces em from their favorite PC.

Remember most encoders blurr and i mean +++blurr+++ like hell.

Originally Posted by Mentar View Post
Now, now. With CoreAVC even my little 1.6 GHz Pentium M laptop can decode LuPerry's 1280x720 Sumomomo Momomo with ease, averaging at 70-80% CPU.
Again i d/l and watched that to just for fun. Size 225mb was it? His XviD at 704x396 was at 170mb or so. and the bitrate for HD was under 2000 with 24fps. So no real HD without any extreme fps here no.

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