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FFXII - Yeah from an Final Fantasy, I was expecting something would suck me in...It didn't, though the gameplay was pretty nice next to the sucky overdrive & summon system. I quit half way. I even completed FFX-2 though, I have to admit I had a dire need to see the perfect ending of FFX-2.

World of Warcraft - Seeing how low games as UO and L2 was rated and seeing how high WoW was rated I was expecting to see something grand...It wasn't. Great costumer support though. o-O

FFVII - Said to be the best Final Fantasy ever. While it was pretty good far from the best. I didn't play at release. So maybe that's the reason I wasn't blinded?

Unreal Tournament III - Not working on my PC, but on my Laptop... ;____;

All the pokemon game after red & blue - same shit, different day. Have to admit still fun to play. I haven't played the later ones though.

SCIII- Yah SCII was better which made it a little sad. Playing Siegfried again made it worth playing though.

Any MMO you try just to find out the pvp is gay or worse non existent.
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