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I think I was disappointed with many games that came out on the PS2 and Xbox.

Splinter Cell and the Ninja Gaiden series-was told these were hard challenging games and I beat it within a day. Ninja Gaiden was especially a disappointment since the only hard aspect to it was the camera angles.

Bruce Lee-I don't know why I had such high expectations. I mean everything was there for the game to fail. This was the company's first try at creating a game. It was Bruce Lee without Bruce Lee.

Resident Evil-The game wasn't nearly as scary nor as hard as I would have expected it and I thought the plot was nothing new in terms a genre dealing with zombies.

Warcraft III-Although fun and great graphics it was still a let down; especially when playing the undead. The undead hero's powers for the most part just didn't do it for me with the exception of the cryptfiends. It seemed the most important move for the death knight hero was his heal ability as his offensive powers weren't really there. Sure raising the dead is cool, but I found it almost useless and the Lich was pretty good, but I still expected more.
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