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Originally Posted by Sety View Post
Anything with Final Fantasy in its name-
Nuff said.
That's...........very poor reasoning. Care to actually give some substance before dissing one of the most popular RPG sagas, please?

As for me....I've never really been dissappointed by a game. Ever. The closest thing I could name would probably be Another Century's Episode 3, but that's by a long shot. I only say ACE 3 because it was only subpar to its prequel game (which was awesome) due to much fewer missions, little difference in the combat system, and a lot of wasted story potential because they decided to put in a ton of mechs that had absolutely no story value in the game at all just to attract fans of those series-es, like Gundam SEED. But it was by no means a bad game, so it didn't dissappoint.
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