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Oh this is easy, Legend of Zelda The Phantom Hourglass. They took out the controlled sailing mechanic (which I actually found fun and not too much of a hassle at all once you got the warps) and shrunk down the map to about four squares. This was supposedly to allow for less time to travel across the ocean, but they also managed to make it even more boring by taking away your ability to control things and just having you draw a course and maybe fire a cannon ball or two along the way. Also I miss pulling up to a huge island that I can see just over the horizon and jumping out of my boat onto it without any transitions. Now there's a transition to each island (which is understandable given the hardware, but a letdown none the less).

What's more, many of the games elements feel positively chorish, including the Temple of The Ocean King runs (which I call the Temple of The Ocean Chores now), which makes you go through the whole thing every time you need to go down and get a clue. All the Phantom Hourglass turned out to be was just a timer that keeps you from suffering damage while in this place. Salvaging is also made a chore now by the fact that everytime you damage the arm, you have to go all the way back to the first island and pay the guy either 50 or 100 rupees to repair it. Which leads to another problem, everything costs way to much in the game. Since they took out collecting pieces of heart entirely (meaning one of the most interesting parts of the game is missing, that is the sidequests) you have to play overly complicated minigames to get full heart pieces, that require such pinpoint accuracy, that you'll be blowing all you rupees on them. In fact, one of the 8 or so full heart pieces you need to get outside of boss battles is as simple (or annoying) as purchasing it at Beedles shop for 2,500 rupees. The music is also very limited in the game, with but one dungeon theme and overworld theme, as well as the sailing theme (which manages to remix my all time favourite Zelda song into a much less powerful and sweeping version), assorted special area themes, the Zelda theme, a few combat themes, and that's pretty much it. There's probably no more than 20-25 different songs in the whole game. Also I don't really find myself liking the characters all that much. Many of them are once off characters, but the one that sticks with you the whole game is devoid of any real likeable characteristics (he's a useless coward), and if you thought Zelda had almost no screentime in Twilight Princess, all you really get in this game is Tetra, and she's barely even in it outside of the first cutscene. So here we have a Zelda game lacking in many of the elements that have made the series so enjoyable over the years. It's not a bad game, but definitely doesn't live up to the standards of the rest of the series.

To summarize why this game was a disappointment:

-Chorish Gameplay
-Lack of Sidequests
-Bland Overworld Map
-Lack of Sidequests
-Lame Key Item
-Lack of Sidequests (seriously this is like a key element of Zelda that even the unfavoured Minish Cap got right. All you do is play a few minigames now and those are your sidequests)
-Ho Hum Characters
-Lack of Bloody Sidequests
-No More Pieces Of Heart
-Very Few Items To Use
-Below Average Music For The Series
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