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Originally Posted by Krono View Post
Nah, they're right. The source is here:

About 20 episodes for 34 chapters. Generally they went 2 chapters per episode, like they've generally been doing since episode 49, though they just did cover 1 chapter per episode in a few places. Looks like they'll be doing 2 chapters/episode again for the most part this arc. At a guess they're hoping to be able to structure year three like year two, canon arc at the start, a little bit of filler in the middle, and canon arc at the end. If whatever the next manga arc is ends up being low 30s in chapter count, they should just be able to squeeze it in. If that's the case, they'll really need some wiggle room in how much filler they can have, hence no filler episodes or arcs now, to give them more flexibility later.

Hard to say, a lot depends on the rates, and merchandising sales. That said, Fairy Tail's one of the, if not the, biggest series in Weekly Shounen Magazine at the moment, and one of the few series they have a currently running anime adaptation for, and I think the only one that they have a long running adaption for. Fairy Tail's sales per volume more or less doubled after the anime gathered steam. Though the DVD sales have been comparatively low, it's also opened up other merchandising opportunities, though we have no way to know how successful they are. Having an actively running anime also gives them the staff in place to do things like the two OAD episodes they did. The two special edition volumes of the manga those came with appear to have sold between 80,000-100,000 each judging by the size of the dent in the regular Fairy Tail volume sales. At 1,980 yen compared to the regular volume's 440 yen. At that kind of revenue, costs would have to be exceedingly high to not make a tidy profit, and seeing as they're making a third one, with not only an original story, but one from Mashima, costs would not appear to be prohibitively high.

So in summary, it's largely in Kodansha's interest to keep the anime going for a while, so I wouldn't spend too much time worrying at this juncture if I were you.

There's probably some contractual stipulations as to how much say Mashima has, but it probably boils down to how good a working relationship Mashima has with the director. Which as Quarkboy suggests looks to be a pretty good working relationship.
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