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Originally Posted by Nanya01: Blood That Flows - Revolution 3 View Post
I've been giving serious thought about not posting any more updates here.
That'd be a pity =/

On the chapter itself:

Looks like Lina and Nanoha have drilled the basics of knowledge on Mazoku to Vivio and Arashi, (even if expected) well done for them. Though there's no mention of Chaos magic, I suspect it's just a slip of Vivio.

After becoming the Pokedex Dragondex encyclopedia on UA-500's dragons it doesn't feel strange Thoth giving such big knowledge, still a bit surprising to see it though.

However... Shut up! Let that go just this time!

Uno and Jail are back? Though I'd rather have the not-cloned-(again)-flesh-and-bones version of them I can have hopes again for a meeting beetween Reinforce and Jail after both died(?) in StrikerS *nods*

The last paragraph might use a slight reword (I understand Nove groaned and being glad for Jail's "return"/gift, but as those reactions are somewhat opposite of each other the paragraph feels broken.
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