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Originally Posted by jjblue1 View Post
Do we have a gun expert that can tell us more about the guns used?
My knowledge is limited.

m1897 -
It's a 12 gauge trench gun used by the US Army produced until 1957 with caliber 12 and 16.
It was used in several wars such as WW 1 and 2 and the Vietnam war capable of holding 6 bullets.

Its effective range is up to 20m so one can kill from quite the distance pretty handily.

A bit over a million were manufactured and is used by the army,police and hunters.

Our Confessions does mention Shannon having a handgun of some sort
There is a M1894 Handgun.Steyr Mannlicher.An early semi auto handgun of Austrian and Hungarian collab. origin.

Yet an M1894 is also a Winchester Model being a very popular hunting rifle and is said to have the ultimate lever action design so this one is champ at reloading.
EP 3: Rudolf: "Brats don't know anything about the refinement of a lever action"

Its a sporting rifle having sold over 7 Mil times and IMO interestingly used with smokeless powder so if you fire it residue is practically none making it effective for closeby killing.
Residue is how police determine if a shooter was close or far.
EG: Point blank leaves alot of residue.
With the 1894, that factor is gone.Yasu could just shoot someone from point blank and noone could tell.

Its pretty much THE gun for hunting and can even fire 44 magnum rounds.

Well if anything, its almost as if they ask to be used.

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