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German BBs need to be specced either purely main guns or purely secondaries. Personally, I go for secondaries in my Tirpitz because I like to get up-close and personal and make my enemies uncomfortable with my super-aggressive bow-in tactics. At that range, the gun accuracy doesn't seem as punishing dispersion-wise, and my secondaries can do some serious work. If you're the kind of player that's going to play German BBs similarly to other BBs, I would definitely run a main guns build. Either way can work great, but it does depend on your play style.

I go for secondary build on my Tirpitz and I go for main gun build on my Yamato.
Too bad secondary builds aren't that great anymore with RNBB around. Just two salvo from a Lion or Conqueror will knock out most of your secondaries each side. Also kills your AA for easy CV drops. It seems that Bismark is the weakest T8 BB in the game right now since it can't be effective at its only quirk.
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