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Got my Ibuki and Nicholas...and now feel completely burnt out. I'm not even in the mood to grind my other ships or collect Yamamoto Isoroku collectibles (the unlockable camos are of interest to me, especially if they're perma-camos).

I'm <20K XP away from the Neptune (I could easily free-XP it, but as I said, no touchy anymore) and the Edinburgh grind is soul-wrenching. That ship must be coated in nitroglycerin-based paint or something, because even the slightest brush or scratch with enemy shells will annihilate vast gobs of your HP. Hopefully the announced changes in smoke deployment for the RN CA/CL line will alleviate the pain, but I don't really feel the desire to open the game nowadays.

Time to take a break...

EDIT: nvm, the "alternate camo" is actually nothing more than the ability switch normal camos' (Type 1, 2, 5, etc) colors from green to blue. You still have to buy/earn the camos and you don't get extra rewards (like 10% cost reduction or 50% captain skill boost).
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