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Originally Posted by cuizenart
OK Here is a tough one. It is a movie from my childhood (mid 80's, beta tape). The concept is prety basic: a water prince and a fire princess fall in love but they are forbidden by their families to be together since they are at war or something. They decide to float up to the moon or some place on these puff ball type pods that grow out of the ground once every like thousand years, but the water prince is captured so he misses the opportunity. It's real sad and I don't remember how it ends, but I think that the king's name was Triton and the water prince was simply called the Water Child. I will be impressed if someone gets this. Thank you and good luck.
Originally Posted by kj1980
Wasn't the prince's name Sirius, and the princess' name Malta? Then:

Sanrio's 1981 anime movie "Sirius no Densetsu" (Legend of Sirius)
WOW, I realize the above post is from a few years ago, but I am amazed someone knew this movie too. For years I have been curious what the name of it was as I saw it when I was around 7 nearly 2 decades ago. I have googled this before, and just found this site. Looked up the name, and sure enough this is what I remember.

Signed up just to give props to kj1980 for solving this mystery for me too. XD
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