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Originally Posted by Mei19 View Post
Touya is starting to emit Makoto vibes now. And it's just episode 2. The prick didn't even tell Misaki that his bestfriend made a cake for her and just claimed the points all to himself. When his bestfriend was earnestly explaining how he got the cake, he was shooting him off in his mind.

Friend: (babbles about the cake)
Inner Touya: Shut up.
Friend: (babbles again)
Inner Touya: Shut up.

Er, no. Touya was actually trying to HELP Akira when he called up Misaki. He was trying to tell her that Akira baked a cake for her, but unfortunately, the cake never once got mentioned over the sickness talk.

And the "inner talk" was clearly from _Akira_, who was getting increasingly pissed about Touya's lecture about Akira's cake disaster.

Have a look at it once more
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