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Originally Posted by Rekkusu View Post
P.S. We clearly missed the most important page of the chapter
Very important
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Yeah, something like that does make up a little for the very sparse fanservice we saw in chapter 56.

Originally Posted by DragonOsman View Post
@tsunade666: That does seem likely now that you mention it. But if just he and Gil are captured, he won't have access to an Ambrosia. That'd be bad. He'd have Gil, but at times like this I kind of wish he could fight even without needing an Ambrosia.
Kai does have some tricks up his sleeve even when he doesn't have access to an Ambrosia carrier (though having one has saved his life, for instance when he almost died were it not for Noel's Ambrosia saving him). Kai made dynamite and used it without needing Ambrosia, for instance. Maybe if he gets captured along with Gil, he'll remember how to pick locks from doing it as a hobby, for instance.

Originally Posted by DragonOsman View Post
@Rekkusu: I agree about the details and how he won't have problems maintaining the harem.
Unless, of course, he is forced to return to his own world, something I hope he does for at least one arc so we can learn more about his home life. Maybe he can drag Ligia along to his original world and they can get to know each other better while hiding the fact that he's living with a "foreigner."

Speaking of "maintaining his harem," will Kai's cooking give him away as a Marebito? It could be that the Shah is a gourmand and connoisseur of every food that her world has to offer, and something so foreign to her as hamburgers might tip her off that Kai's a Marebito.
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