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Originally Posted by Fran~ View Post
The 2 big questions about Naturo to me are:
1. THAT jutsu (the reason why Minato left half of Ninetail's chakra to Naruto).
Jiraiya's main goal was to help Naruto master it, but he failed and almost died. So it is simply the "chakra mode".

Originally Posted by Fran~ View Post
2. This crow/raven that Itachi gave to Naruto before his final battle with Sasuke.
Since Naruto is defensless against powerful genjutsu, it's obviously something that helps Naruto counter MS genjutsu. It is very important since as we saw even the godmode-superexperineced-Danzou was beaten using an MS genjutsu. Now Itachi is checking if it works properly, so i wonder the next time when Sasuke is the enemy how will it work. Since Kishimoto doesn't want to give any genjutsu ability to Naruto, it would be out of character, also doesn't want him to be friends with Kyuubi yet, seems that he gave to Naruto a sort of automatic genjutsu defense (similarily to Gaara's automatic physical defense).
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