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Fun with naming:

I had been wondering Lisbeth was named for Lisbeth Salander of Steig Larsson's The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, due to the fact that it seems like the most likely manner someone in Japan like Reki Kawahara would be exposed to the distinctly Nordic name, and the fact that Kawahara's works both deal with computers etc, and Larsson's Lisbeth is an accomplished computer hacker.

After this episode though, I can say that even if SAO Lisbeth was named for Lisbeth Salander, she is NO way based on Salander. Their personalities are about 180 degrees from each other, SAO Lisbeth being a clingy tsundere while Larsson's Lisbeth is a independent computer hacker with a dark past and a penchent for "punk" outfits. Also, seeing as she's from Sweden, I doubt Salander had SAO Lisbeth's low cold tolerance problem!

That, and if Lisbeth Salander was trapped in Sword Art Online, she'd probably hack into the game, log everyone out, deduce Kayaba Akihiko's location from his IP address or something, inform the authorities, and end this whole Sword Art Online crisis in all of 15 minutes! (And the bizarre crossover plot bunnies are bouncing around in my head again).

Tune in next time to hear my theory on how Kuroyukihime of Accel World could be
Spoiler for Speculation:

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