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IMO Epi 5 seems like my most productive too.

First up, I was inspired by Darth Chaos' take on my post about Caro getting dragged back to her home planet to be married:
Originally Posted by Kha View Post
Spoiler for "The Ride of Erio Mondial" movie trailer:
Then came Nighty's revelation, for the truth of the wedding ceremony:
Originally Posted by Nightengale View Post

You should be able to tell who the mastermind is...hehehe....

We are SO off-topic, Nanoha-forum style.
That was just WIN! And then, my first silly attempt at humor here. Ah the memories...
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Another idea while I was at lunch. 4koma style.


[Frame 1]

Chrono: No.
Hayate: But...
Chorno: No means no! I cannot allow TSAB property to be misused like this!

[Frame 2]

Fate: But we really need to get our team member back!
Chono: Think of some other way.
Nanoha: Chrono-kun you meanie!
Chrono: I'm not listening...

[Frame 3]

(The Aces huddled in one corner whispering. Chrono only hears disjointed words)

Hayate: ...We'll have to use that...
Fate: ...It can't be helped...
Nanoha: ...I hope it works...
Chrono: *looks worried and sweating* What are they up to...?

[Frame 4]


(Chrono is seen flying with a trail of nosebleed)

Tagline: "The Ultimate Attack of the Aces"


Thanks mi'lord! Btw, I first called it "Bride of Erio Mondial", but then realized that by dropping the 'B' it sounds a lot better. I also left out from the 300 horde fight bit that "the other mages were in various stages of Barrier Jacket rippage"
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