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Originally Posted by Mykas View Post
Shirai has been in play since her first appearance, the thing is she's been pointed out as single multiple times yet she shows 0% interest in that guy that is always drooling over her which means in haremville she is one of the heroes girls.
I honestly hope that Shirai isn't going to be developed into some sort of one-sided attraction to Aoki. As a supporting character she is quite interesting, and her relation with Kuro (both as a sort of grown-up reflection of Kuro, and for the connection that is developing between them) is something I would love to see more of. That she could potentially grow and open up more, due to her interactions with Aoki, Kuro and even Hoin would be interesting, too.

However, turning the situation into some sort of harem comedy, with her as one of Aoki's "girls" whould be a terrible direction to go IMO, and would detract from the developments of what I saw as the excellent underlying story of the manga (the relationship and personal growth of Aoki and Rin).
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