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Okay a little late to review the latest chapter you and what not...

Anyway decent chapter though not much happen. We finally get some more well needed development out of Shirai-sensai and I still don't think our love triangle turned into a love square just yet...

- Shirai-sensai is riding the train on her way to work when no other then Aoki-sensai bumps into her...literally.

- Now at school in the teachers office Hoin-senai is on the phone talking to a bitchy mom who muscled her way into being the head of the PTA and been giving everybody a hard time. Shiria then comments that it's because Hoin is so inexperience that she gets walked all over.

- Rin shows up and askes Aoki to help her pick out a book to read Shirai sees how depressed Hoin got when Aoki walks off with Rin and puts 2 and 2 together.

- It's the end of the day and Hoin wants to Aoki to go out and eat with her. Aoki then turns around and asks Shirai if she wants to come too which gets Shirai thinking how he can be so blind as not to see that Hoin likes him. She then says no.

- Hoin thinks she finally gets her big brake when the other teacher (can't remember his name) comes out of nowhere and says well go too and ruins everything.

- The next day Shirai confronts Hoin and tells her that shes been slacking lately and keep her love problems away from work. Hoin gets all" dare-dare" then starts blabbing about Aoki and tries to get Shirai to help her hook up with him. Of course she says no...

- Later that day Shirai is approached by the Vice-Principle and asked to attend some sort workshop saying that the members of the board of education would be there. Shirai refuses but the V.P won't take no for an answer. He grabs her arm and tells her that she being the child of the board of education chief would help make things easier for them.

- After hearing this Shirai looks like shes going to be sick this is when Hoin then walks in and tells the V.P that if he dose it again that she'll report him for harassment. The V.P backs off and Shirai thanks Hoin for the help she then comments on how she wishes she was had never been born into that family... Next we see her flipping through a book about child development and reads a some out of it about how children bonding with their parents shape their personalities...(I think you all know where this is going)

- It's the day of the PTA meeting and Shirai shows up out of no where which surprises Hoin. Shirai makes up an excuse about how it's not unusual for more then one teacher to attain a meeting...(So she dose have a soul ) During the meeting that same ugly poor excuse of a mother is mouthing off at Hoin. Shirai then comes to her rescue by calling her a "Shitty Old Fart" (Good on you Shirai! ) At the end of the meeting Hoin thanks Shirai for helping her out. Shirai then turns around and says she didn't it for Hoin but her own sake...

I look forward to seeing more background on Shirai-sensai lord knows she needs it...
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