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Originally Posted by Garet Jax View Post
It seems a bit inconsistent. Heck, what about the building getting smashed in episode 8 by the Gregorio Choir knight blast? Wouldn't that have happened again when Izzard lost his power, going by this theory of him having to maintain the thought? Is there some kind of time limit? Something else I'm missing? (Probably. )
Mah~ Another possibility is at the very moment that he thought of himself losing power, his mind began to wander and thought that Stiyl would return back to normal because he lost his power, he tried to stop himself with "Wait, don't think that!" but his powers has already process it.

Originally Posted by NakedAngelX View Post
Good fight scene, the dragon at the end was awesome

However it didn't make sense how Touma could've won.... he said whatever the guy think happens, then it's even easier for him to kill them all.... wut's up with that, bad plot.
Sigh, tsk tsk...

Why do you think he needed those needles in the first place? Because his Ars Magna can only work with clear Coherent thoughts, he uses the pain to help him focus, he needs to picture exactly what happens.

So what do you think happens when he panics or gets angry? He can't focus properly, hence his ability doesn't work as well.

This is different from just using words, it's a double-edge sword.

But to begin with, Touma has one up on him because of his Imagine Breaker.
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