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It's not surprising or reprehensible imho that the family killed Alice's father. I mean, we've seen that the infection takes longer with some people than others, and the family's probably not entirely clear on all the details like the people who had to fight their way through. I mean, even if they had them strip and searched every inch of their skin for possible wounds that could have caught a bit of saliva (or whatever is in those bites), what would they do if they're halfway through when suddenly the person bends down and bites through their spine? I wouldn't take a risk of letting someone in that could suddenly turn into a powerful killing machine, or letting him damage the only thing standing between my family and Them.
And the sound of the girl's voice attracting the zombies when there didn't seem to be too much effect from daddy doesn't seem too strange either. The father was up next to the door, and the girl was right next to the road. More importantly, there's enough going on that they might have turned and then turned away again after daddy suddenly went silent. We already know they can be slow to move. In other words, a few on the street hear Dad and start to turn, then turn to a stray cat when things go quiet, then suddenly there's a long, constant, high-pitched sound closer to the street and thus carrying farther.
Also, I worry a bit about their taking the girl on. I mean, they basically made her a mascot or symbol of their continued humanity, proof that they can put themselves on the line. In a way, she's become sort of an anchor for them, giving them something to protect rather than just fighting for themselves. She's defenseless, and if something happens to her, everything could come crashing down in an instant. I just hope the authors don't decide to do something that sadistic.
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