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*cough* Yotchan, I think the little point that Wes is really trying to make here is, like it or not, some shows that has Kawamori's final decision as the director (or sth that is also relating to story decisions) have bittersweet ending, like it or not he HAS done some EDs like that. It doesn't mean that ALL Kawamori stories must have iteration of bittersweet ED. Some people are protesting here about the bittersweet part (not me, I personally am quite the masochist ), and trying to use the bittersweet end in any ways to justify the arguments.

And that's why he pointed out that, yes, Kawamori HAS the guts to do Bittersweet ED, so munch your cookies and don't use that as your ammo. Or to make Kawa take the full blame, for some reason.

Wes, put your thoughts a bit coherent after you ranted to us IRCers!
All I'm saying is that people seeme to have a fixed idea of what a "Kawamori ending" is, despite a majority of his own shows not having that kind of ending.

I'd argue the same thing for "'Kill 'Em All' Tomino," who only really 'killed 'em all' in a few instances (although you could easily argue that Ideon makes up for all the others).

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Alright, so quick question cause got not much time on my hands to check every page and shit so:

Spoiler for endgame baby:
Kinda. It's complicated.

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