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Again, not really, the director isn't the be all end all of any series they direct. A writer can in fact have just as much if not more power over the story than the director. After all they are the ones actually "writing" the story.

An example is a stupid one but, in Digimon Adventure 02 they had a lot of writers who could not see eye to eye on the direction of the show, as each one wanted the story to follow their own planning, and as such the story was all over the place, and even though the director for both the first and second season was the same, the head writer(s) were not. The end result was a series, which though it wasn't boring by any stretch of the imagination its story was just bad and filled with plot holes.

Then in the sequel Digimon Tamers was directed by Yukio Kaizawa the one who ended up having the most say in the sequel was the head writer Chiaki J. Konaka.

Anime is made from the collective work of many people with the director as the head, however it doesn't mean that the input of the others doesn't have anything to do with the end product. That being said a writer is the one who makes the story itself while the director is the one who tells the story, which is why you sometimes hear criticisms for various anime, tv series, and movies which point out that even though they like/dislike the story told, but hate\love the way the story was told.

At the end of the day even a director has someone he has to answer to, unless he's also filling in that role.
Which is pretty much the point I was making, and which Magnus and especially Tak vigorously opposed.

Again, you can't it both ways.
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