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Originally Posted by magnuskn View Post
which sounded exactly like someone trying to forbid me from expressing my opinion.
I shall take that as a subtle dig on my part.

You are generally a good person to get along with here, though I do notice that you tend to be quite overly defensive at times when there's no need - the suggestion on moving your previous discussion points to the Romance thread certainly wasn't to 'forbid' you from expressing your own opinions in this movie thread, but more on your proposed discussion that links both the movie and the TV series together. Shifting this to the other thread where it encompasses a wide range of discussion, not to mention having the added advantage of not getting buried under mountains of posts along the way for future read, like what is happening right now, helps.

People here generally recognize the range of their 'posting rights', and, despite escalating some discussions the point of fervor, have respected one another for it.

I did realize you were in quite a disappointed state, and all I have to say is : cheer up.

This'll be the last I'll comment on the matter.

Since there was a brief discussion on this, let me tell you what this Alto x Sheryl fan thinks in regards to the ending.

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