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Originally Posted by james0246 View Post
DoFlamingo falling is good, but Fujitora falling as well would be even better.

Still harping on about THAT now, eh? Look, I don't know what personal vendetta you have against old timers, but don't take out your anger on these elderly enforcers of justice, okay? They're only doing their job! And is it really okay to pick on the blind guy, at that? Now, now, James, I thought you were better than that.....

On a more serious note, I still see no reason for any admirals to fall at this point, much less one that was newly introduced to this arc. They represent the best of the best of the marines, so I really can't help but feel that it would be more appropriate for any of them to fall at a much later point in Luffy and co.'s journey. Like maybe once the crew gets closer to Raftel or something. Otherwise, it wouldn't look very good for Akainu's regime if an admiral were toppled like a day or two upon the Straw-Hats' arrival in the New World.
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