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I am simply like the special abilities of cursed fruits. Well...there are so many animes that include..., I would call it "Ability Battle" or something like that in the stories. It is kinda fun to just think about the cursed fruits, like who can beat Ace (Luffy's brother) or anybody who has cursed fruit's special ability that can change their figure to nature things like Fire, Thunder, Sand, etc...

If you haven't watched the episodes about the princess in the desert land and about the floating land above clouds, please don't look at below.

I couldn't imagine the way of how Luffy defeated Crocodile before I saw the battle scene. Water!! Sand is weak against water. This thing is really matching to the story in desertland.

And also, the new king of sky land can change himself to thunder. When I saw it, I though like "Oh my can you guys beat him! There is no way to beat him..." After I realised like "Oh wait...thunder can't go through rubber. It means Luffy can beat him!! Yeah!!" I was so excited, you know.

Maybe you are right that each story is long and easy to tire you to continue watching. But still, the character's uniqueness and the abilities are very attractive to me.
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